Welcome to BSCC Youth Ministry

for the Youth of Blessed sacrament Parish:
To evangelize and form young disciples that strive 
to know, love and serve God and His Church.
That the youth act with virtue, fueled by the Sacraments and growing in daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Such that in their adulthood, they are confident and convicted in deep Catholic faith, so they may glorify and defend
Our Lord in the public arena and inspire others just as the early Christians did under persecution, building the Kingdom.

What is EDGE?

EDGE provides a vibrant space for youth in Grades 5-8 to build their relationship with Jesus Christ


by exploring the Catholic faith in a fun, compelling and engaging way. 


When is EDGE?

Fridays Biweekly, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall


Registration & Schedule



What is Spiritus Vitae?

Western Region Young Adult Ministry

Dive deeper into the faith with God loving young professionals aged 19-35 from parishes across the Archdiocese of Toronto!


What is Spiritus Vitae?

Mondays Biweekly, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Locations Rotate Monthly


Registration & Schedule